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Hear It From the People Who Know Best - Our Members

"The best place ever! The growth I’ve had here in working out and also as a person in general has been soooo much ! The coaches are excellent paying attention to the smallest details and watching you workout like a hawk, pushing you to be the greatest you’ve ever been! The members here become your family!"

Sakshi Asrani

The BEST BOX I have Fit myself into!!!😘😘😘

Ritika Bedi

This is the best gym I have ever been a part off, the coaches are excellent, the team spirit and drive phenomenal, I would not trade it for anything!

Antonio Fox

The best part about crossfit blackfire is the Coach.. Ashu🤗 rest all are just fun, laughter & workout

Dipanita Mondal Basu

Crossfit Blackfire isn't just a 'gym'
I really enjoy 'training' here because of the community atmosphere around with constant support, motivation, guidance and camaraderie from your peers and of course the coolest ' coach' - Ashutosh!
Making an extremely taxing and testing regime like Crossfit feel like fun is really a great talent😊
Totally and fully recommended to anyone looking to train for a better fitness level overall.

Mahim Sharma

I'm associated with CrossFit Blackfire for 3 years now, well I must admit that it's my second home

Onkar Mudras

Being a lazy guy who couldnt be bothered to be regular about anything, I finally joined crossfit blackfire after months of procrastination. Ashutosh and his awesome team of trainers have converted me quite successfully. I'm still lazy in other aspects, but when it comes to fitness, I can only be grateful to crossfit blackfire! It's been the most fun and involving workouts ever and the mind and body keep wanting to go back for more!

Abhimanyu Argal

My HAPPY PLACE... Love the WODS... Lots of happy n positive ppl around makes the workout much more fun, especially Ashu, encouraging n pushing u to do better each time...

Darshika Chandan Gupta

Dropped in while on holiday in India. Ashutosh is super friendly and the crew was welcoming and inclusive. Great workout! Thanks for letting us get a WOD in �

Erin Hall

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